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Founded in 2003, International American University College of Medicine (IAUCOM) is located in the heart of the Caribbean Islands, in the southern district (Vieux Fort) of St. Lucia, West Indies (W.I.). The University is chartered and authorized by the Government of St Lucia to confer various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees including the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. IAU offers a state of the art curriculum in medical education, using the latest technology and teaching methods which is based on the U.S. model and is delivered by a team of expert faculty.


Aside from allowing students to achieve their dreams in a shorter span of time, IAU also provides opportunities to maximize their time in school. A major part of the curriculum includes extensive preparation for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) which ensures that IAU students are well-prepared for the exam that may ultimately decide their career.


Among Caribbean medical school programs, IAU stands out for the progressive approach they take to education. While other colleges expose their students solely to classroom-based didactics for their basic science coursework, IAU students are immediately introduced to a problem-oriented curriculum that emphasizes research, discussions, and other active forms of learning. This method is similar to many of the best schools in the US, and helps to build the students’ confidence in their skills.


IAU also offers many opportunities for students to learn through experiences close to the actual practice. As early as their first semester, students will begin interacting with patients through supervised activities at local clinics. After their basic science semesters at IAU’s Caribbean medical college in St. Lucia, students spend the remaining semesters in affiliate teaching hospitals located mainly in the US. Upon completion of post-graduate residency training, IAU graduates become eligible for a license in many countries including the United States, India and Canada.


IAU’s mission is to provide quality medical education to capable and highly motivated individuals who want to pursue a medical career. Through numerous collaborations with health care organizations, academic medical institutions, and other key stakeholders, IAU has played a major role in the development of the health and education infrastructure in St. Lucia and has provided training and education for hundreds of health care professionals and students around the world.


IAU’s team brings together a diversity of knowledge and experience from every corner of the health care industry. The senior leadership group includes members from the US, Canadian and Indian medical education and the health care system. IAU’s full-time staff consists of experienced professionals from the fields of medicine, education, research, medical planning, health information technology, business strategy development, leadership and management. IAU services and programs continue to draw upon the expertise of their faculty and staff across the medical school, and at all of their affiliated teaching hospitals and institutes

IAU Advantage :

  • A Progressive Curriculum – Our state of the art curriculum centers on problem-oriented, case-based teaching methods, allowing students to take an active role in the learning process.


  • Low Student/Faculty Ratio – Maintaining a low student to faculty ratio is fundamental to our teaching methods as a top Caribbean medical school. You will never be just another number at IAU.


  • Early Patient Exposure – Our students begin interacting with patients as early as their 1st semester. This exposure to the clinical setting continues throughout subsequent semesters through supervised activities at local clinics.


  • Shelf Exams – These exams, given at the end of each course in the Basic Sciences, help prepare our students for Step 1 of the USMLE.


  • A major part of the curriculum includes extensive preparation for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)


  • Fifth Semester in the US – Carried out in a US hospital, this portion of our program allows students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the US medical system and interact with other health care professionals before clerkships, establishing the groundwork for successful completion of Clinical Sciences.


  • USMLE Board Review – Integrated into the curriculum, this review ensures that our students are well prepared for Step 1 of the USMLE.

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